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We at Aibots help you create a digital workforce with the help of RPA thereby freeing human resource for more important and creative work.
What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation is the technology that enables enterprises to create virtual workforce by configuring computer software, or a “robot/bot” to imitate human interacting with digital systems to execute a business process. RPA robots capture data and manipulate applications just like humans do but in less time, with greater accuracy and at a fraction of the cost. They are managed just like any other team in an organization.

Considering RPA for your organization depends on the kind of process that could be automated to attain the desired outcome.
Tasks are most suitable for automation if they:
  • Requires high attention to detail and high levels of involvement on the part of an employee.
  • Fluctuate with transactional demand.
  • Are time consuming and ruled-based.
  • Are digitally triggered and have a defined input.
When to use RPA?

Why RPA?

Cost saving

RPA saves cost up-to 30% by saving employee time and training cost. Bots costs a lot less than regular employee.


Bots work at lightning speed without break.


With RPA, the work is performed by robots, error-free, eliminating human error.

Reduces human effort

Offloading high volume, manual tasks reduces human effort by 20-50%.

Rapid ROI

ROI up to 200% in the first year.

Non intrusive

RPA platforms sit across existing technologies and don’t need to be integrated or rely on APIs.

Better analytics

RPA offers the ability to gather, organize, track, analyze, report on and store valuable data.

Increased compliance

Bots leave a clear digital audit trail, reducing probability of fraud and compliance issues.
Advantages AiBots

Unlike any other tool in the market we offer you our omni platform which works with leading RPA products allowing inter tool communication.

No risk of moving to new product as we use the existing automation (i.e.) RPA, wrappers point solutions by simple integration with the omni platform.

We value our association and offer a inclusion of gain share and win-win deal for long term association.

We provide best fit candidate for your specific requirement and hands on training for the resources.

Our RPA Approach

RPA Tool Strategy
Rapid Pilot
RPA Implementation

We understand your existing business process and evaluate the automation potential.
We then formulate business case (ROI) and build RPA implementation.

We identify the key technical requirements for automating your processes. We then select the appropriate tools, product and finalize the commercials.

Get a pilot off the ground to showcase:
Immediate value and ability to scale, with minimum cost, risk & RPA tool match.

In this phase, there is a full-fledged RPA design, build and fine tuning of RPA solution, post go live support and official hand off.

We set-up a center of Excellence for on-going development, conduct user trainings and workshops.
Still not sure if your process can be automated?