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AiBots is a whole new experience in the domain of automation and out success is measured by yours, with reduced cost and more profit.

Phoenix Orchestrator
An Omni platform with capabilities to run & manage Bots built on any platforms including open source.

  • Easy integration with multiple technologies in a single environment. Bots from different vendors can be used in the same automation piece.

  • Vendor independent & highly scalable for other automation opportunities.
  • Performs tasks like reading, manipulating & writing data in the data base.
  • Centralized console to get a single view level of the status of bots, transactions, performance & utilization etc.

Phoenix RPA studio
An AI Based engine which has capabilities to Deep learn from the sample & constantly grows in improving accuracy.

  • UI Element recognition and flexible to integrate with third party tools.
  • Integrated OCR/ICR with easy API inclusion
  • User defined modules inclusion
  • Windows based try & catch with inbuilt modules for exception handling and custom base exception handling.

  • Intelligent code-less bot built with intelligent web drivers, flexible designing and modularized coding.

  • Inbuilt modules for data validation and to handle latency & other causes.

  • User friendly & modularized coding support with customized log writer.

Data Extraction Engine
A comprehensive suit which provides a bot building environment and inbuilt capabilities of AI & ML based OCR/ICR engines.

  • Has the ability to parse hand-written text apart from reading and parsing text printed through a printer (in various fonts) and read them as text.

  • The OCR tool recognizes text encircled on a pre-printed choices so that the selection can be deduced.
  • Has the ability to understand there is a check box and that it has been ticked or crossed or shaded in.
  • The OMR API can read off a template (ideally an empty version of the same form) to improve the accuracy of reads.

  • Can read table that has rolled over to a consecutive page(multi-page).

  • Provides text location meta-data and Dictionary support.

Intelligent Idea Management System
A platform that helps organizations to gather ideas from all employees, evaluate them and bring them to market faster than ever before.

  • Helps business in empowering consultants by soliciting ideas and feedback through challenges.
  • It enables a team approach towards solving problems, gathering information and this results in a smooth change deployment.
  • Fastest way to enable a cultural change. Ideas which have support from a lot of employees will be easier to implement
  • Helps business track ideation to implementation on one tool.

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